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Tuesday: evening market =D

Shop It Luv It : RM75, RM15!

mango+Orangie : RM50, RM65, RM43, RM48!

Awesome Mustache : RM49, RM39!

House of Allure : RM64, RM59, RM59!

Just in: Me’s

Me’s - RM40, RM40!

Me’s – RM49!

Me’s – RM55!

Me’s – RM65, RM65!

Anonymous: T-shirts!

a n o n y m o u s - RM60!

a n o n y m o u s - RM60!

a n o n y m o u s - RM81!

a n o n y m o u s - RM60!

I LIKE IT, Oversize!

Peep – RM45, RM45, RM49!

Top =)

Cat in the Bowl – RM50 – RM61!

December32 – RM37!

Room8008 – RM39 – RM45!

Seventh Day – RM35!

Eve’s Leaves – RM28 – RM38!

Fash In Motion – RM15!