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Friday Night Chill =D

Chikiwiki+ : RM78, RM43! (New!) [plus size]

COVETZ.COM : RM109, RM72! (New!)

Clothes For Fun : RM68, RM65!

Pretty Chase : RM58.90, RM59.90!

23rd Storey : RM59, RM83!

The Attires’ Attic : RM48, RM46!

Su-Estilo : RM69, RM49!

Emcee Couture : RM59 each!

un-Masqued : RM59, RM49!

My Little Pudding : RM49, RM54!

Monday Lunch Feed =D

Seventh day : RM56, RM46!

Cheesy : RM39, RM49!

mango+Orangie : RM46, RM40!

Project Love : RM35, RM35!


Yours Truly Fashion : RM60, RM56!

mango+Orangie: Crocheted, Netted, Knitted

mango+Orangie : RM48!

mango+Orangie : RM45, RM45!

mango+Orangie : RM38!

Just in: The.Closette.Diary =)

The.Closette.Diary :: RM34!

The.Closette.Diary :: RM39!

The.Closette.Diary :: RM52!

mango+Orangie: Going Vintage!

mango+Orangie – RM42, RM42!

mango+Orangie – RM28, RM38!

mango+Orangie – RM36, RM45!