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Wednesday Feed =D

mango+Orangie : RM58, RM43!

Creme Fraiche : RM54, RM43!

Cheesy : RM44, RM39!

DressCode : RM35, RM43!

Whitesoot : RM57, RM49!

Peep : RM49!

Delicious Poison: Textured Bodycon Skirts

Delicious Poison : RM22 each!
OMG, Textured Bodycon Skirt in RM22?

From Lola, With Love: Going On Stripes =)

From Lola, With Love :: RM107.10,  RM171.30

From Lola, With Love :: RM120,  RM107.10

Un-Masqued: Going on branded inspired!

Un-Masqued – RM56!

Un-Masqued – Blouse @ RM62, Scallop Hem Skirts @ RM45!

mango+Orangie: I LOve Stripes!!!

mango+Orangie – RM43!

mango+Orangie – RM42, RM36!

mango+Orangie – RM38!