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What to Shop on Sunday?

Creme Fraiche : RM39, RM42!

S2L Fashion Bar : RM59! (Just in!)

Chics’ Empire : RM28, RM52!(Just in!)

Wonder Wear : RM55!

Luscious Lips Boutique : RM48, RM36!  (Just in!)

The Puffy Clouds : N/A : RM15, RM9!

Chloe’s Closet : RM42!

Peep :  RM49, RM69!

Wed: Random Updates =D

Clothes Defined : RM53, RM43, RM47!

PrettyChase : RM49.90, RM52.90!

Crystalicious™ : RM58!

Colorgirl Boutique : RM58 each! (Just in!)

Like Igloo: RM65, RM58!

Pink N’ Proper : RM119, RM69! (Just in!)

Just in : Riot of Fash

Riot of Fash : RM55!

Riot of Fash : RM49!

Riot of Fash : RM35!

Riot of Fash : RM55!

Just in : Of Honey and Milk

Of Honey and Milk: RM30!

Of Honey and Milk: RM35!

mango+Orangie: Going Vintage!

mango+Orangie – RM42, RM42!

mango+Orangie – RM28, RM38!

mango+Orangie – RM36, RM45!