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Monday Morning Updates =D

Cleocat Wholesale Fashion : SGD11.60, SGD12.60! (New!)

LittleMissMaterialistic : RM110, RM25!

Chloe’s Closet : RM42, RM42!

Aldabella Diva : RM45, RM68! (New!)

thebuttermilk : RM38, RM35! (New!)

Creme Fraiche : RM45, RM45!


Peep : RM49, RM69!

Clothes For Fun : RM58, RM69!

Le Flamme : RM30, RM50! (New!)

Monday Lunch Feed =D

Seventh day : RM56, RM46!

Cheesy : RM39, RM49!

mango+Orangie : RM46, RM40!

Project Love : RM35, RM35!


Yours Truly Fashion : RM60, RM56!

Fabulous Friday =)

Dr.Enchante : RM29, RM29!

23rd Storey : RM76, RM59!

Emcee Couture : RM56, RM58!

Cocktails : RM58, RM55!

XOX Boutique : RM38, RM45 (leaopard print)!

Sheabelle : RM18 – passport holder , RM15 – ring!

The Black White & Pink Shop : RM49, RM75! (New!)

Jetedeesire : RM10, RM20! (New!)

Random Updates, Thursday =D

Candy Covers : RM22, RM25! (Phone casing)

Nude Not : RM55, RM49, RM58!

Pretty Chase : RM55.90, RM62.90!

Camouflage : RM45, RM45! (New!)

153Shoppe : RM35, RM29!

Velvet Strings : RM29, RM46! (New!)

Friday noon market =)

Cheesy : RM39, RM39! (New!)

ClothesForFun : RM79, RM59!

Red-Violet Closet : RM69 each! (New!)

The So-Called Boutique : RM43, RM48! (New!)

Whitesoot : RM45, RM47!

TheSoreHeart : RM59, RM65, RM49! (New!)

Pretty Chase : RM49.90 each!