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Monday Random Updates =D

Seventh Day : RM36!

Su-Estilo : RM59 each!

Little White Crane : RM49!

minibus : RM80 (bag – postage included), RM59 (Dress)!

JR La Bellee : RM43!

Oh! Miss Rhapsody : RM53, RM45! (New!)

Whitesoot : RM47, RM53!

Wed: Random Updates =D

Clothes Defined : RM53, RM43, RM47!

PrettyChase : RM49.90, RM52.90!

Crystalicious™ : RM58!

Colorgirl Boutique : RM58 each! (Just in!)

Like Igloo: RM65, RM58!

Pink N’ Proper : RM119, RM69! (Just in!)

Wed: Shop for Lace & Mesh!

Daily Boutique : RM80 (Top), RM100 (Dress)! [Korea imported]

PopDaLollies : RM59,  RM68, RM68!

Trendy Confessions : RM69! [Plus Size]

Emcee Couture : RM69, RM48!

Kaleidoscope Sunday : RM52, RM58!

Poppy Mallow : RM55, RM43!

153 Shoppe : RM43, RM48!

The Attire Attic : RM69, RM72!

Cat in the Bowl : RM59, RM66!

Cocktails : RM73, RM78!

~EmmyCubic~ : RM56, RM56, RM57!

Just in: Soapsudsy (Vintage:Brand New)

Soapsudsy :: RM32!

Soapsudsy :: RM29!

Soapsudsy :: RM6!