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Saturday Noon Market =D

Su-Estilo : RM69, RM49!

Mayishop : RM79! (Just in!)

Creme Fraiche : RM48, RM39!

Hey, Bag Me Home! : RM45! (Just in!)

Rawrr-Store : RM19.90, RM15! (Just in!)

Tue: Going for the Designers =D

Pink n Proper : RM139! (H&M)

Pink n Proper : RM119! (H&M)

Pink n Proper : RM119! (H&M)

Pink n Proper : RM139! (H&M)

Friday Night-Market =D

Little White Crane : RM48!

153 Shoppe : RM48!

Peep : RM399 each!

Candy Creationss : RM15, RM12!

Whitesoot : RM63!

Cocktails : RM68!


Creme Fraiche : RM45 each!

Su-Estilo : RM59!

What Do We have for Tuesday?

QUAD : RM45, RM62!

QUAD : RM95, RM80!

LittleMissMaterialistic : RM52, RM25!

UJUST : RM50 (Top), RM55 (Skirts)!

UJUST : RM49, RM65!

mango+Orangie : RM43, RM48!

mango+Orangie : RM45, RM40!

Clothes Defined : RM43, RM43!

Like Igloo : RM55, RM55!

Going For Color Block!

Clothes For Fun : RM68!

Crystalicious : RM58!

Popcorn : RM55, RM59!

Yours Truly Fashion : RM45!

mango+Orangie : RM39, RM45, RM39!

EyeCandie : RM45, RM48!

Whitesoot: RM65, RM45, RM68!

Cocktails : RM55!

Doublewoot : RM65, RM70!

Delicious Poison : RM49!

little White Crane : RM68!

QUAD : RM50!