This website is special created and dedicated to all the online shoppers. It is created by three of us Veron, Aunty Cann, and Ee Ling. Our aim is to provide the latest and trendiest updates to all of you guys. Also, we would be updating information of the affordable bargains all around Malaysia. We would also like to get everyone connected to one another. In short, Beaute Tailleur is designed to bring e-shoppers and sellers a step closer to quality bargains.

In conjunction to celebrate our new website launching, we decided to spare all of our advertising slots to all the sellers FOR FREE!! Yes! You did not get it wrong, our ads slots are given out for free!! Hence, do send in email to enquire, we will reply you a prompt one.

For those who wish to be linked into our site, do email us at auntycann@beautetailleur.com and we will respond to you as soon as we could.